We all have that one moment when we’re bigger and better than we thought we could be, where we exceed our expectations and achieve what we thought was impossible.

The University of Wollongong has helped thousands of students find that moment.

Your donation will support a range of scholarship funds to enable the University of Wollongong to foster great minds that will lead us into the future.

Scholarship Funds

Excellence Fund

The purpose of the Excellence Fund is to support students to take on additional academic endeavours, such as attending a conference or undertaking research.

The Fund also supports students to study the International Bachelor of Science, which is offered in conjunction with the University of Wollongong's partner institutions - the University of Colorado (Boulder) and Dublin City University and requires all students to complete at least one semester of the degree at one of these institutions.


"My passion is infectious diseases and I am hoping to work in tropical areas and Northern Australia. The scholarship will allow me to spend time in East Timor in the later stages of my medical degree, as well as to complete the last couple of subjects for my Masters in Public Health in Townsville."


Travel Fund

The Travel Fund is designed to enable students to study abroad for the chance to see how their studies can benefit the global community and offers the opportunity to learn about others, themselves and the world around them.

Stephanie Bean


"It was in the first session of her fourth year at UOW that Stephanie ventured overseas for the exchange program after applying for the opportunity the year before, looking not just for an unforgettable experience, but the chance to broaden her horizons in terms of career options."


Learning and Development Fund

Being accepted into university is often the easy part for many students. Being able to stay at university and realise their potential can be much harder, especially if finances are a concern.

The Learning and Development Fund provides the financial support to help those students in greatest need to continue studying.

Deanne Chester


"At 43, Deanne is probably a little older than many of her classmates, who perhaps have more in common with her oldest daughter at 18. However, she has not let that stop her from achieving a goal that she knows will give her and her children a better life."


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